Harold Boll Artist Lecture

Date: 02.28.2017 - 02.28.2017

Time: 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Location: New Hampshire Institute of Art, Emma B. French Hall Auditorium, 148 Concord St. Manchester, NH 03104

Harold Boll, Color Scientist "There is More to Color Than Meets the Eye"

February 28, 2017 6pm

Emma B. French Hall Auditorium

Quantum Mechanics explains the dual wave/particle nature of light.  In a similar sense, color, so dependent on light for its manifestation, also has a dual quality of its own.  It is both an aesthetic as well as a phenomenon amenable to scientific inquiry.  One component in the experience of color is the visible radiation or physical stimulus that enters the eye.  But the more interesting and often confounding aspect of color is how the brain interprets the signal it receives from the eye. Measuring instruments can unambiguously determine a physical stimulus.  But the brain is the final arbiter of appearance; it alone determines how the color is perceived.  This talk will demonstrate factors which affect color perception.

Harold Boll is currently a Color Scientist at Electronics for Imaging (EFI) in Meredith NH, where he is responsible for ensuring the color fidelity of large format ink jet printers.  His academic background includes a B.A. in Chemistry from Brandeis and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Tufts. After graduating from Tufts, he worked for Eikonix Corporation as a scientific programmer in the development of the first all-digital color electronic pre-press system.  He then went on to work for Eastman Kodak for over 20 years as a member of the Advanced Development Group.  Dr. Boll has also served as a Color Scientist for Iris, Scitex, Creo and Toshiba. His past consulting clients have included Xrite, Konica-Minolta and Apple.  

This event is free and open to the public. For more information please contact Sara Ceaser, Alumni and Membership Coordinator at saraceaser@nhia.edu