Teti Fellow Deborah Hollis Talk

Date: 04.29.2019 - 04.29.2019

Time: 05:30 PM - 07:30 PM

Location: NHIA, French Hall, 148 Concord St, St, Manchester, NH

Special Collections Librarian and current Teti Fellow Deborah Hollis worked with NHIA’s Teti Photobook Collection to compare collecting patterns with CU Boulder’s Tippit Photobook Collection. Setting aside monographs by or about male photographers, and excluding anthologies that cover male and female photographers, she looked for the presence of works by women photographers.  What are the similarities in coverage? Whose work is represented?  She will share her initial findings in a talk titled: "The Content of Our Collections: Collecting Patterns and Women’s Work."

The Teti Fellows program awards four to six fellowships annually to scholars, artists, writers and educators wishing to travel to the New Hampshire Institute of Art’s campus in Manchester, New Hampshire to make use of the John Teti Rare Photography Book Collection housed in the college’s Teti Library.

The John Teti Rare Photography Book Collection is one of the finest collections of photographic resources in the United States. The Collection, established in 2007 through a generous donation by Mr John Teti, contains over 2,000 rare books, periodicals, prints and documents illustrating the history of photography, including Edward Steichen’s personal copies of Alfred Stieglitz’s "Camera Work."