Visiting Artists Gideon Bok and Meghan Brady

Date: 07.27.2016 - 07.27.2016

Time: 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Location: Riverstone Resources, 250 Commercial St, Ste.5000, Manchester, NH

Visiting Artists Gideon Bok and Meghan Brady

July 27, 2016 6PM

Riverstone Resources, 250 Commercial St., #5000, Manchester, NH

Join us for visiting artists Gideon Bok and Meghan Brady!

Painters Gideon Bok and Meghan Brady were recently featured in a two-person exhibition, Colors and the Kids, at Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects in New York. Box and Brady are married and live in Camden, Maine. 

Bok is a recipient of a 2004 Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship, and Purchase Award form the American Academy of Arts and Letters. John Yau writes that “Bok seems to be suggesting in these works, at the heart of music and painting is a dance between structure and improvisation, repetition and difference. All kinds of contradictory emotions seep into these paintings — loneliness and camaraderie, and the convoluted union between ordinariness and strangeness that is synonymous with daily living.” 

Brady is described as a “painter’s painter whose eloquent use of her chosen medium is rich in visual metaphors, analogies, and multiple meanings. They are paintings that include the viewer’s experience in a way that most abstract art does not, reflecting our own complexities and contradictions, memories and aspirations, vulnerabilities and courage, gravity and joy.”  Brady has exhibited work at Icon Contemporary in Brunswick, Maine; Coleman Burke Gallery, in New York; and she curated the exhibit, You Yes You, at Able Baker Contemporary.

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