MAT Dual Degree Launch

NHIA Press Room on 04.12.16

The New Hampshire Institute of Art Announces Bachelor of Fine Art and Masters of Arts in Teaching Dual Degree program

The New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA) is pleased to announce the launch of a new dual degree Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program that allows students to earn a combined bachelors and masters degree in five years rather than the traditional six.

With this program launch, students who wish to become art educators can earn their degree in less time, generating less expense. In addition, New Hampshire teacher certification has reciprocity in all 50 states - meaning all states recognize New Hampshire's certification as meeting all or most of the requirements to obtain certification in another state. Some other states require an additional test.

“The dual degree program offers a unique opportunity for BFA students because we are a part of their development as educators and artists. Knowing our students as artists allows us to differentiate our support in a way that is incomparable to other programs where the fine arts and education departments are completely separate from one another,” said Suzanne Canali, Director Arts Education, NHIA. “All of our Art Education programs benefit from NHIA's abundant resources in studio, art research, faculty, and community partnerships throughout their studies and after completion. Our Community Education program offers continual options for professional development to educators. It is our goal to be a resource for all art educators.”

“The students in all our Master of Arts programs are dedicated to teaching, yet they also understand that to be the best art educator one also needs to be dedicated to developing one’s own art practice,” said Alison Williams, Dean of Graduate Studies, NHIA. “Young art students need role models. By practicing what they teach, participants in our MAT programs inspire the students they teach and model for them that making art is important. They develop and extend their own skills as well as their understanding of art, which not only makes them better artists but allows them to constantly have new information to pass on to their eager students.” 

What NHIA’s dual degree program provides:

  • Students earn a BFA and a Masters degree in five years instead of the usual six – not only do they save money in tuition but they also get into the classroom as a teacher a year sooner
  • The teaching certification students receive is reciprocal in all states – meaning they will train and receive credentials to teach in New Hampshire and can teach art education K-12 in any state in the US
  • Students will gain real world experience and develop teaching skills in our Youth Arts program
  • Students can participate in NHIA’s Youth Arts program where they will work alongside other teachers with inner city youth in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the state of New Hampshire
  • In the BFA program the student concentrates on developing their own art practice, but also works with a cohort of Art Education students who are developing teaching skills and learning about arts education practices from a group of Art Education faculty and mentors 

In addition to the dual degree program, NHIA offers a two-year graduate MAT program for those with a BA or BFA who wish to become a certified art educator. NHIA also offers a graduate program for certified art educators through our MAAE Studio program. The studio focused nature of the MAAE Studio program allows students to have access to full time and visiting faculty on a completely different level than in traditional MAAE programs that are highly focused on pedagogy and theory. Low residency requirements also mean that students can continue to work while they pursue an advanced degree.

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