NHIA Launches New Comic Arts Minor

Jennifer Robertson on 12.01.16

The New Hampshire Institute of Art Launches New Comic Arts Minor

Manchester, NH (December 1, 2016) – New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA) is pleased to announce the creation of a new minor in Comic Arts. NHIA offers undergraduate degrees in Ceramics, Creative Writing, Design, Fine Arts, Illustration, and Photography with minors in numerous subjects including Art Education, Art History, and Printmaking.

The new Comic Arts minor builds upon NHIA’s strengths in Creative Writing and Illustration. Taught by practicing artists and writers in both well-respected programs, students in the new Comic Arts minor will have the opportunity to work collaboratively and delve deeper into the possibilities inherent in the expanding field of Comic Arts.

“It’s as ancient as cave paintings and as contemporary as video games,” said NHIA President Kent Devereaux. “From graphic novels to the rise of computer-based animation, comic artists are exploring new media and new forms of expression in both the fine arts and popular culture.”

NHIA’s innovative new minor will allow students to explore all types of visual narratives through coursework in introductory illustration techniques, fiction writing, cartoons, and graphic novels. Minor coursework will also examine the visual narrative across media and cultures, and will provide students with an overview of the development of comic arts in contemporary society.

The development of a new minor in Comic Arts at NHIA was a natural outgrowth of the work of several distinguished NHIA faculty including Joel Gill. Gill, who recently published his third graphic novel Bessie Stringfield to wide critical acclaim, oversees the college’s first-year foundation program that introduces students to a wide variety of contemporary as well as traditional techniques.

“We recognize that people tell all kinds of stories using comics as a visual language. Our students are among those folks telling stories,” said Gill. “For as long as I have worked here our students have been making comics and going to Comic Cons. It was only natural that we begin to build this program as an extension of our core belief.”

For more information about Joel Gill and our students experience with Comic Arts visit: YouTube.