NHIA Offers Scholarships for Manchester Students

Jennifer Robertson on 02.23.16

New Hampshire Institute of Art Offers Two Scholarships for Manchester High School Students 

Manchester, NH (February 23, 2016)— New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA) is pleased to announce that Manchester public high school students are eligible for two scholarships to attend NHIA. The scholarships are for undergraduate students accepted into NHIA’s Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) program. One scholarship will cover the full cost of tuition over four years or eight semesters. The second scholarship will cover half the cost of tuition over four years or eight semesters.

“Our goal is to help students pursue their creative interests so they can in turn become engaged members of the community who help others find their artistic voices,” said Patrick McCay, NHIA’s Dean of Undergraduate Studies. “Manchester and its residents are an integral part of what makes our college vibrant and relevant and we want to give back in any way possible.”

The scholarships, which are funded by NHIA through events, art auctions and charitable giving, will be awarded based on both demonstrated financial need and the strength of the applicants’ academic record and portfolio, with strong consideration given to those who demonstrate a passion for arts advocacy. To be considered, students must attend one of Manchester’s public high schools – Manchester High School West, Manchester High School Central, Memorial High School, or Manchester School of Technology – and complete an application for admission by March 22, 2016. Students also must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 22 that indicates their family’s Expected Family Contribution is not more than 20 percent of NHIA’s tuition costs. 

Applicants must also be nominated by their high school Art or English teacher, and/or guidance counselor.  The scholarships may not be combined with any of NHIA’s merit-based scholarships, but can be combined with federal loans and grants and need-based awards. The scholarships do not include the cost of fees, supplies, books, and room and board (if the student lives on campus).

Each of Manchester’s high schools may nominate up to four candidates for consideration. All students nominated for the scholarships will be invited to interview on campus during NHIA’s Manchester Scholarship Interview Day on Friday, April 8.

“The scholarship awards open the door to high school students with a passion for illustration, graphic design, fine arts, art education, ceramics, photography and/or creative writing to pursue a four-year BFA degree when their finances might have otherwise precluded them from doing so,” said McCay. 

For more information please contact admissions@nhia.edu or call 603-836-2589.