Certificate in Creative Placemaking

Offered in partnership with National Consortium for Creative Placemaking, NHIA's Certificate in Creative Placemaking is a 10-month course, beginning August 20, 2017.

Creating real change in our communities

Bringing art and design together with urban planning and community development


NHIA is proud to partner with the National Consortium for Creative Placemaking to host this nationally renowned program that was offered previously at the Knowlton School of Architecture at Ohio State University. This new program offered by NHIA is a comprehensive and challenging opportunity for those interested in effecting change using creative activities to foster more livable, economically viable, sustainable, and equitable communities.

Perfect for the busy professionals and leaders working in the fields of arts management, design, urban planning, economic development, community development and government policy. 

The Certificate in Creative Placemaking provides students with the understanding and tools in key creative placemaking topics: community development, economic development, practical analysis, capacity building, site planning, and destination marketing. Students also build their collaborative leadership skills, and work on real creative placemaking strategies.

Gain deep, practical knowledge from nationally recognized experts in the field of creative placemaking.

Program Details

  • Opening 3-day residency with workshops, presentations and practical exercises to provide an introduction and framework for the program (to be held in Manchester, NH)
  • Six 'deep learning' on-line courses focused on the complex craft of creative placemaking;
  • Entrepreneurial leadership sessions offering coaching and culturally competent practice;
  • Transitional 2-day residency (at one of a number of NCCP leadership summits across the US) designed to transition students from planning to implementation
  • Capstone studio project preparing a creative placemaking plan, proposal or analysis for a community of your choice

Registration begins March 1, 2017

For more information, please contact our Creative Placemaking Team placemaking@nhia.edu or (603) 836-2561.

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