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NHIA is proud to partner with the National Consortium for Creative Placemaking to host this nationally renowned program that was offered previously at the Knowlton School of Architecture at Ohio State University. This new program offered by NHIA is a comprehensive and challenging opportunity for those interested in effecting change using creative activities to foster more livable, economically viable, sustainable, and equitable communities.

The Certificate in Creative Placemaking is where theory meets practice.  Designed to build a shared knowledge base and ethical framework for creative placemaking, this is an invaluable experience those working in areas of civic art, urban planning, public policy, community development, and leadership development. 

This program prepares leaders to create the necessary networks within a community that makes change happen.  You will work with top practitioners in the field of Creative Placemaking to gain the knowledge and tools to effectively address social, economic and cultural issues using existing resources to enhance what makes a place special. 

This program is open to everyone interested in improving communities through arts and culture and may be taken for professional development or graduate credit.  This mostly online program is designed to be convenient and accessible to learners around the United States and internationally.


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The opening residency September 4-6 at NHIA’s Manchester Campus serves as both a solid introduction to creative placemaking and preparation for the rest of the program.  You will learn about field of creative placemaking by exploring it in practice in Manchester, practicing skills for analyzing communities, and getting insights from leading practitioners, while building collaborative leadership skills. The closing residency is an opportunity for students to present their capstone projects to other creative placemakers, and get advice from the Certificate Program Director on steps to getting their recommendations implemented.

Deep Learning Courses

Students will take 6 online Deep Learning Courses from September – May.  Through readings, thoughtful discussions, and occasional assignments curated by an accomplished faculty, you will gain a deep understanding of key issues in creative placemaking and become prepared to address the challenges face the field of creative placemaking.  Key topics covered include: community development, local economic development, critical analysis, site planning, destination marketing and development. 

Leadership Coaching

Through five online Leadership Coaching sessions, students will learn key skills integral to building productive partnerships and expressing influence.   Ideas are easy.  Realizing those ideas is challenging.  These Leadership Coaching sessions build on the work from the Deep Learning Courses and provide valuable tools to turn ideas into reality, especially when the process depends on others.

Capstone Project

The Capstone Project allows the student to bring together all the content from the program into a tangible actualized plan to make meaningful change in a community. You may approach the Capstone Project from a personal perspective, and might include a mock plan or a detailed proposal for a creative placemaking plan in a specific community, an analysis of existing creative placemaking efforts in a community both evaluating existing efforts and proposing recommendations for improvements; or a paper of publishable quality (PPQ) with an emphasis on a particular issued explored in the program.  There will be an opportunity to present the Capstone Project at one of several Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits and/or Creative Placemaking Knowledge Exchanges in 2019. 


The Certificate in Creative Placemaking faculty are accomplished practitioners in the field. 

  • Leo Vazquez
  • Tom Borrup
  • David Pankratz
  • Wendy Benscoter
  • Betsy Pandora
  • Leland Edgecomb

  • Calendar

    July 1, 2018                      Application Deadline

    September 4-6, 2018       Opening Residency in Manchester, NH

    Sept 2018 – May 2019     Online Deep Learning Courses & Leadership Sessions (online)

    May 2019 – June 2019     Capstone Project (online)

    June 2019 – Sept 2019    Closing Residency (optional)

    PROGRAM Expense

    The total cost for the 2018-19 Certificate in Creative Placemaking is $3,995 and includes tuition for the 10-month program, 1-year subscription to Planetizen Library, and the opening residency costs (room and board). Payment may be made in installments through the program. While most readings will be available free online ,  students will be required to purchase three books:

    • The Creative Community Builder’s Handbook, by Tom Borrup
    • Arts and Cultural Programming, by Doug Blandy and Gaylene Carpenter
    • TBD per the Destination Marketing and Development course 

    • Enrollment and REGISTRATION

      Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. The deadline to register for the 2018-19 Certificate Program in July 1.

      To enroll, download the Certificate in Creative Placemaking Application Form. Return this form along with a deposit to reserve and guarantee your space.

      What you'll walk away with

      Make effective, tangible, and creative change in your community.

      • Develop a deep understanding of how communities and local economies can change through creative placemaking
      • Gain valuable insights and guidance from leading creative placemakers
      • Utilize methods of measurement and analysis in determining success
      • Learn how to attract more resources and dollars to your community while also preserving its character
      • Learn how to grow effective, collaborative partnerships and gain more support for your work
      • Collaborate with a diverse pool of classmates prompting issues to be explored from various perspectives
      • Build a valuable network of contacts, colleagues and peers
      • Create a tangible vehicle for change – a plan, report or scholarly paper – and get the tools to help promote change in your community

      • Questions?

        For more information, please contact our Creative Placemaking Team placemaking@nhia.edu or (603) 836-2561.

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