Institute of Art and Design Update

July 1 began a transition from NHIA to the Institute of Art and Design at New England College (NEC). In anticipation of the 2019-20 academic year, some updates:

We see rising enrollment for the fall, record enrollment in our pre-college program, and full occupancy of our housing facilities. To make our facilities more marketable in the summer, we installed air conditioning in The Hampshire. This benefit will carry over into the fall semester, which should help through the end of the summer and next spring.

The summer has been very busy as our faculty and staff prepares for the fall term. As you may know, NEC now has five academic divisions, Art and Design, Education, Humanities, Management, and Natural and Social Sciences. The Art and Design division, which calls the Manchester campus home, brings together faculty from Manchester and Henniker. Over the summer several meetings and workshops have taken place as planning for the next academic year continues. Leading the Art and Design Division is Professor Darryl Furtkamp, a long-standing member of our Art faculty.  NHIA faculty and staff have transitioned to the NEC payroll, in some cases with new titles. Click here for the directory.  

As we take the initial steps toward becoming one college, we will begin changes to the curriculum, particularly in general education. We will also offer additional classes and programs such as animation and Esports. As we make changes and introduce new features, we will work with you to ensure you receive the classes you need for your degree. Be assured that, though we have placed some Manchester properties on the market and will cease operations in Sharon and Peterborough, your academic program is unchanged.

Beginning this fall, the academic calendars for both institutions will align. That means the start and ends of terms will be the same whether one is taking class in Manchester or Henniker. It also means both schools will have the same vacation schedule, including a week-long fall and spring break. We will hold commencement in Henniker in May 2019, with an option to attend a ceremony in Manchester for students at the Institute of Art and Design. All students are invited to Convocation and Founders day in Henniker. Planning continues to ensure that students at each campus can take advantage of all the opportunities present both in Manchester and Henniker. 

When you return to campus, we will operate a scheduled shuttle service between the Henniker and Manchester campuses, with an alternate schedule for the weekends and special events. With transportation assured, you will be able to attend classes, events, participate in clubs, use the athletic center, ski at Pats Peak, and take part in a host of other activities.

We are exploring an opportunity for long-term parking just a few blocks from campus: this option would allow you to park overnight. For us to judge the viability of this possibility, please let us know your interest in bringing a vehicle to campus and being able to park in a secure 24-hour facility by clicking here.

Over the summer we will begin to migrate student governance to the NEC senate model. The Manchester campus will receive a fixed number of seats in the Senate to be elected by students from that campus. Though the former NHIA Student Leadership Council ceased with the merger, we will be working with students to assure availability of student activity funds and full participation in student governance.

Over the next weeks your email address will transition to, per the email you received from John Fallavollita on July 15th. As that email explained, this is a required process so please be on the lookout for your new login information and know additional communications will come your way as appropriate.  Also, keep an eye out for your fall 2019 bill, which will be on NEC letterhead.

Dr. Mike Taberski, Vice President of Student Affairs, will be available to assist and support students in Manchester along with the Dean of Students, Jason Buck. Mike and Jason will publish their schedule in Manchester as the academic year begins so students will know when and where to find them for assistance. Other Student Affairs staff will be supporting students on campus as well as facilitating programs and events. A list of who’s who will be available in the coming weeks, so you will know who to contact with questions, concerns, and interests.

Residence Life and Housing: We are excited to welcome Graziano “Graz” DiCiaula to Manchester as the Assistant Director of Residence Life and Housing who will be working with Cameo Bixby-Clemons and Lucas Silva to support our residential students. Graz has served the NEC community for nine years and is excited to join the Manchester campus community. Graz’s office will be in Concord Hall. Doreen Long, NEC’s Associate Dean of Students who oversees Residential Life and Housing will also be available in Manchester to assist residential students. Her schedule of availability will be published as the academic year begins. An office assistant will be hired for the Res Life/Student Affairs office to assist in supporting students on campus.

Student Handbook: An updated Student Handbook/Code of Conduct will be published before students return to campus. We will email you a link to the updated handbook along with a list of changes. While we do not anticipate any major procedural or policy changes, updates will be made to ensure both student safety and a better student experience. We received several questions over the last academic year about Title IX/Sexual Misconduct policies and procedures. The Federal government is currently considering new mandates for colleges and universities although they have yet to be released. We will update the entire NEC community as those updates develop.

We hope the rest of you break is relaxing and productive. Should you have questions on any of this material, please email




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