Sean Beavers


Part Time BFA
BFA - School of Visual Arts


Teaching Philosophy
When I study something in nature there is a connection or understanding that I can't describe, the beauty just moves me. When I say beauty I don't mean sweet or sentimental. Nature can be quite harsh at times, but there is always balance in it, something melodic to offset the dissonance. It's that relationship between beauty and despair, that truth, that's what moves me, that's what I'm after. Painting forces me to take time, to study and try to understand a thing or an idea. To spend so much careful time with a subject, that I really begin to see it, and not just catch glimpses as I’m passing by. To recognize and become aware of the subtleties which make each thing, situation, and emotion unique. Through this process, the beauty of everyday objects are slowly starting to be revealed to me. As well as the patterns and intricacies that tie them to me, and to the greater patterns inherent in our world. I’ve realized that the ordinary can be quite extraordinary if enough care is given to try to observe and understand these things. I have been noticing this truth more and more over the past few years since that idea took hold. It is something I will strive to explore more deeply. I want to present an account of these ordinary things – that invites the viewer to take the time to look with me, and maybe remind us of something we tend to forget; the inherent and ever-present value and beauty of the ordinary.
Pallet Notes
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