Portfolio Tips and Advice

Planning Techniques for Applying to an Art/Creative Writing College

Take as Many Art and Writing Classes as You Can.
If you’re interested in visual art or creative writing, take an art or writing class, even if you don’t need the academic credit. Classes outside school can also show your enthusiasm and dedication to your future career. The work from these classes can also be used to build your portfolio.

Get to Know Your Teachers and Guidance Counselors.
Always present a positive attitude with your counselors and teachers, especially your art or writing teacher(s). Their letters of recommendation can be very beneficial to the college application process and will tell the admissions staff how interested in the creative arts you really are. Also, it may be advantageous to have more letters of recommendation than you need for admission.

Draw or Write at Home
Practice drawing and writing at home! Keep a journal or sketchbook with you at all times. Sharpen your technical skills while exploring subject matter that is of interest to you. It’s important to have self-directed work, in addition to your class assignments.

Immerse Yourself
Visual artists should be looking at art. Go to museums and gallery openings and look at art history textbooks. Creative writing students should read as much as they can. It’s important to understand what other artists and writers are currently accomplishing in the creative world. You may also find an artist or writer you can relate to or appreciate. Make a list of your favorite artists or writers for your portfolio interview. This information can be very helpful when you write your college essay as well.

Standardized Tests
The SAT or ACT can be an important part of your application. Not all colleges require these tests, but the tests will help the college become familiar with your learning style. The New Hampshire Institute of Art does not require the SAT or ACT for your application, but applicants are encouraged to submit their scores as there are merit scholarship opportunities.

Haley Smith