Spring 2015 Textbooks and Supplies


Supplies for all Institute courses are available for purchase at the Institute’s Camera Shop and Art Supply Store at 77 Amherst Street. Supply kits are available at the store for all Foundations courses (i.e., those beginning with FND). Students should be prepared to purchase supplies on the first day of class.

All students receive a 10 percent discount on supplies.


Students are free to purchase textbooks from any source in any format, and are encouraged to shop around for the best price.  The Institute does not endorse a particular vendor nor does it have its own bookstore. Below is a list of some common vendors of textbooks and other books.

  • Amazon Textbooks
  • Barnes and Noble Textbooks
  • Textbooks.com – A source for purchasing books in downloadable digital format, which is often less expensive than a hard copy version. Students are responsible for adhering to all federal copyright laws, purchase conditions, and Institute policies regarding the use and sharing of copyrighted materials.



Click the links below to view the required reading list for a given concentration.

Liberal Arts

Course Books at the Library
Both required and recommended textbooks are on reserve at the Teti Library only if your instructor has arranged it. If this information is not included here, your instructor will let you know about this by January 22nd.

Jordan Breen
Emily Palmquist
Marley Smith