Writing Resources & Tips

Online Resources

New Hampshire Institute of Art students frequently use the following sites when they have writing questions at home:

  • OWL (Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab): a great resource for MLA citation, grammar and punctuation help, ESL questions, annotated bibliographies, and answers to a wide variety of writing questions. Contains handouts in both PDF and html formats.
  • Noodlebib, a part of Noodletools: this online citation machine is offered free to all Institute students. You may use it from home by signing in with your Institute library identification number. In addition to generating citations, Noodletools offers online tools to help you organize your papers as you go.
  • Duke University Libraries: Citing Articles from a Printed Journal
  • Indiana University Writing Tutorial Services: Plagiarism
  • CAA Website: a helpful resource for art students

Students can also visit the Teti Library page for electronic research tools. Click here to be directed to the Teti Library.

Jessica Johanson
Kristina Dennis