Visiting Artist Intensives

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Get up close and personal with the greatest talents in the art world through the New Hampshire Institute of Art's Visiting Artist Intensives. These special offerings bring top artists to NHIA’s Manchester or Sharon Arts campus for an immersive week-long experience designed for intermediate or advanced students. You’ll be part of a small group working intimately with a world-renowned artist to sharpen your technique, explore powerful themes, and deepen your personal voice, bringing you to new levels of creativity and accomplishment.

Visiting Artist Intensives


Intensives take place over the course of a week where you’ll live, breathe, and dream art. The program consists of 4-5 days of full day classes where you’ll receive ample individual attention from the artist. You’ll spend your evenings in the studio putting what you’ve learned into practice. Housing is not included, but NHIA is happy to assist students coming from out of town with finding suitable accommodations.

Past Artists

  • Michael Williamson, a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer with the Washington Post known for his powerful images of the Gulf War, the Philippine revolution, and conflicts in Africa and the Balkans.
  • Elizabeth Buckley, a second-generation tapestry artist and master of the historic French Aubusson techniques who combines color theory and a variety of tapestry traditions in her internationally-renowned work.
  • Dan Weldon, a master printmaker, painter, educator and author, and pioneer of the new Solarplate technique who has taught and exhibited across the globe.

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